Friday, August 21, 2009


Pudhupettai(2006) is a Dhanush starrer, directed by his brother Selvaraghavan.It is till date,the best work of both Dhanush and Selva.The story revolves around Kokki Kumar(Dhanush),who escapes from his home after seeing his father kill his mother.After facing several ordeals and using his cunningness,he becomes the goon who literally rules Pudhupettai,a part of the city of Chennai.
The success gives him over-confidence and he makes enemies,big time which forces him to go in to hiding.What happens next forms the rest of the story.
The movie was criticized heavily for its display of violence and gore.Some felt that the movie had too much of graphic detail about the life of the goons of Chennai.The movie was not a big Box Office grosser,but still I can assure that there have not been a Tamil movie which was as realistic as this movie.The tag-line of the movie is "SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" and this tag aptly sums up the movie.
The film was technically superior with outstanding camera-work by Arvind Krishna and editing by Kola Bhaskar.But the lime-light was hogged by three persons,Dhanush,Director Selvaraghavan and the Music Director Yuvan Shankar Raja.For Dhanush, it was a role of a life-time and he gave a performance of a life-time.The film out and out Selva's and while watching the movie you could feel the amount of work Selva has put in to the movie.The screen-play,potrayal of the characters,subtle expressions,powerful dialogues and the movie's closeness to reality all stand testimony to Selva's class.
But in my opinion Yuvan has clearly over-shadowed everyone in this movie.Leave aside the songs,everyone following Tamil Cinema know what he is capable of but it was with the background score with which he was absolutely amazing.The interludes were of the first class.
Sadly,but expectedly this movie did not recieve the accolades it should have recieved.But in my book this movie certainly ranks among the Top 10.

P.S: 10.Roja