Wednesday, August 26, 2009


In recent times how often have you come out of a movie theatre with a sense of satisfaction? The past two years have not been good for Tamil Cinema altogether with only as many as 10 movies being profitable ventures.The rest have all been crap, to say the least.Kandhasamy belongs to the latter category.Its shocking that a wonderful actor like Vikram has acted in a movie with such a wafer thin story line and a dreadful screenplay which has consumed more than 40 crores.
When Tamil Cinema is moving towards neo-realism with movies like Nadodigal,Pasanga..etc Susi-Ganesan comes up with a SUPER-HERO story involving Vikram,Shreya Saran,Ashish Vidhyarthi,Vadivelu and others.Kandhasamy IPS(Vikram), does exactly what Rajni had done in Sivaji, but as a CBI officer.He does a RobinHood, takes money from the rich and distributes the money among the poor.The only difference is in the fact that he does them in the disguise of God.Yup..You got it right..God.There is nothing interesting in the screenplay apart from this fact.
Shreya has shown everything that she could. From here-on she could only go nude.She just comes,fights with Vikram,dances and goes.Adding to the viewers misery is her voice.It is so shrill that you get frightened at the first instance.Except the climax, the director has failed in justifying his expenditure.
Now let me take a look at some of the positives,though there are very few.Vikram,as usual looks handsome and does what is expected of him and does them with a penchance.Though the veterans Prabhu and Y.G Mahendra tries to lift the movie with their natural potrayal,the screenplay is so poor that the movie falls flat.The rest of the actors just fall apart.The music is just about okay.The movie could have been crisper but still the editor had done a fair job.The camera-work by N.K. Ekambaram is one of the high points of the movie.
Iam still shocked by the fact that I have watched this movie buying the ticket for 150 rs and the overall expenses have crossed 300 bucks.My sincere advice to all those wanting to watch this movie is "BETTER SPEND THEM ON CHARITY".Atleast you'd make someone happy rather than sitting in a theatre with a grim face wondering what the director is trying to conveyy.Let two weeks pass by and you can download them for free.If you are still interested in watching this movie,may your soul REST IN PEACE


MARKS: 5/10