Sunday, August 9, 2009

Malai Malai-My review

I really wonder for how long are we going to see a movie in which the hero,an angry young man from a village comes to the city and bashes up the villain,a city ruffian.Malai Malai is one such movie.The story is pretty simple,a tried and tested one.Arun Vijay and Prabhu, are brothers.Prabhu is unmarried and Arun Vijay is always on the lookout for a suitable bride for his brother.Meanwhile Arun Vijay falls for Vedhika,relative of his neighbour Pandu. and she too reciprocates.In one village function Prabhu sees Kasturi and seems to develop a liking for her but doesn't shows his feelings.Vedhika, a RJ returns to her homeplace Chennai and Arun Vijay,since being a typical Tamil Cinema hero also goes to chennai in search of her.There he meets Prakash Raj and circumstances! makes them foes.How Arun Vijay tackles Prakash Raj forms the rest of the story.Sounds pretty similar huh???
A.Venkatesh,the director has given us a cocktail of several hit movies like Dhool,Thiruppachi..etc.The biggest saving grace of the movie is Santhanam and he simply rocks in the limited opportunities that is give to him.Kanju Karuppu,simply irritates in the name of comedy.Now,we come to the hero.Arun Vijay after all his failures has decided that action is his route.He does what is expected of him.Way to go man...Vedhika,the heroine looks ravishing and stunning.But the story simply lets all these talented actors down.I wonder,how does Prakash Raj does the same role repeatedy in different movies?Wont he get bored?Prabhu too does his part well.
Mani Sharma, the composer does a decent job and his background score iseems similar to his earlier movies.The Director has been sure of his target audiences,the B and C centres and the movie should satisfy them.After all the years of toil and disappointment Arun Vijay seems to have got his first breakthrough.

Verdict:Watch it if you have no work

Marks: 6/10

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