Saturday, September 5, 2009


Ninaithaale Inikum,a venture of Sun Productions is a remake of the Malayalam Super-hit Classmates.Starring Prithviraj,Sakthi,Karthik,Priyamani,Bhakyaraaj and directed by Gnanavel,this movie comes out after the dud Kandhasamy.Being billed as a college story,one gets in to the theatre expecting a whiff of fresh air.

The movie opens with Prithviraj returning from Mumbai to meet his college friends.Flashing back to 8 years.Prithviraj and Sakthi are close friends in National Arts College.Karthik and Jeeva(of Lollu Sabha fame) forms a separate gang and they always crosses swords with Prithviraj,with Sakthi being a common friend to both the gangs.Karthik holds a grudge against Prithvi that he goes to the extent of challenging Prithvi that he would kill him.Meanwhile Prithvi falls for Priyamani at her first sight(Yup..Love at first sight) but doesnt tell her for two years!! But Priyamani finds it out accidentaly! Then love blossoms between each other and all is well until the College elections as both Prithvi and Priyamani fights for the honours.

Karthik, to ruin Prithvi's love drops an intimate photo of Prithvi and priyamani into the ballot box and subsequently both are expelled from the College and Prithvi heads to Mumbai to continue his studies there.Meanwhile Sakthi,an Asthma patient dies due to suffocation.

8 years later,Sakthi's dad Bhagyaraaj tries to install a music library which is Sakthi's ambition and he invites Sakthi's classmates for the function.There, Prithvi is found unconscious in his room as someone has tried to murder him. Who is the culprit and the reason for the murder attempt forms the rest of the story.

Firstly,about the actors.Both Prithvi and Priyamani look too mature for a College student.But Prithvi manages with his screen presence whereas Priyamani fails miserably.Sakthi is apt as a college student and he does his role with elan.Jeeva is OK.But the real show stoppers are Karthik and Bhaakyaraj.Karthik just rocks in the limited opportunities that he gets and Bhaakyaraj proves that he is a veteran.I wonder why Karthik is not doing much movies, for he has the capacity to go big in Tamil Cinema.

Balasubramaniam's Camera work is just about perfect and the way the songs are captured goes to show his talent.Vijay Antony has once again proved that he is a force to reckon. All the songs are excellent but three songs stand out(Pia Pia,Nanbanai Partha naal and Azhagaai Pookudhe).The Background score too gells with the movie. Next comes the Captain of the movie,Gnanavel-the Director.

Remaking a hit movie is never easy because it will always be compared with the original and when it is your first movie it just doesn't get tougher.But Gnanavel has done that with ease.He certainly has got talent, and we'll have to wait for his next movie to analyse his creativity.He hasn't tinkered much with the essence of the story though there are some major changes in the screenplay.He is a guy to watch out for.

Overall, the movie looks a bit lengthy and there are a lot of illogical scenes.The first half,especially is too lengthy,that at interval,you feel as if you have watched the whole movie.The editor could have been much stricter.Even though the movie passes the bill,one gets the feeling that it could have been a lot better


MARKS: 7/10


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Thats a kewl review man :)
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