Monday, September 7, 2009


Who is an actor? A person who can do any kinda roles and do justice to the character that he is potraying. There are very few Indian actors who fits the bill like Naseerudin Shah,Irfan Khan,Girish Karnad,Nasser..etc. (Please note I am not including KamalHassan, Mohan Lal, Mammooty and Big B because I feel they are being given their due).And Prakash Raj is clearly one among them. For an actor of his calibre,he should have got the National award in the Best Actor Category long ago for his stunning potrayal in Anthapuram. But sadly it took so long for the Indian Government to recognise this precocious talent,but its always better late than never.

Now it is two in a row for the Tamil Industry,with Priyamani getting the honours,the previous year.Now the ball is in the creator's court to provide the audiences with some meaningful cinema,for we have wonderful actors capable of enacting any kind of roles and the audiences too are ready to lap up some good movies.The trend is changing,and it is only for the good.

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