Friday, March 14, 2008


Every time I feel its boring, I board the bus to periyar bus stand,madurai. I don't usually go alone. I take my friends or my cousin along with me.It takes about half an hour for me to reach the place from my home in the bus. Then I'd go straight to the palamuthircholai ( fruit juice shop) which is adjacent to the bus stand. An apple juice there costs around 15. Then we would just start walking along the netaji road which would lead us to meenakshi temple.I don't usually go to the temple along with friends. I go there only when im alone. We would just walk around the streets, sighting along the way. It may sound simple, but the thing is that the time would just fly away like anything. There is been a marked change in the road during the past 3 years. Big shops like joy alukkas and a subsidiary of chennai silks have setup their store along tis road. Since this road connects the temple with the western part of th city it is always buzzing with activities. Just take a look at the street and enjoy the experience

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